99 Souls

''Burns offers up an imaginative mashup of serial killer crime procedural and paranormal noir with an unnerving villain, non-stop action, and a plucky kid you’ll root for until the very end.'' —Emily Carpenter, author of Burying the Honeysuckle Girls
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What would you do if your son was kidnapped?

And what if the kidnapper wasn’t human?

Ninety-nine bodies have been found dead worldwide with “God is Blind” burned into their torsos. And when Sarah Winslow’s eight-year-old son, Brandon, is abducted by a man who bursts through her door in an explosion of light, she is terrified that her son’s kidnapping will bring the total to one hundred.

Reflecting on the man who took him, she realizes she’s up against something more terrifying than a serial killer; she’s up against something supernatural. Making matters worse, the police begin to suspect she may have killed her son and be using the abduction story to cover it up. So when they try to arrest her, she takes off on her own, desperate to find Brandon before it’s too late.

But if Brandon was taken by something supernatural, then why? What does it want? And how is his abduction connected to the “God is Blind” murders? Those are just some of the answers Sarah will seek in her quest to find her son.

“99 Souls is a haunting story that brings our worst fears to the surface and then whips them into a frenzy of panic and helplessness. What resources we have, become useless; what hope we manufacture, is crushed. GOD IS BLIND. And yet, without the darkness, how can we truly understand or appreciate the light? A powerful story, with twists and turns up until the very last words.”
—Richard Thomas, author of Breaker and Tribulations
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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ A paranormal thriller, wrapped in a abduction and murder mystery surrounded by a love story- how can you go wrong with that combination. I got this book in a friend’s recommendation, and sat down now afternoon to read it. After reading the prologue, I knew I was not going to get anything done that afternoon, because I was going to have to finish the book in one sitting- and I did. Although you have to suspend belief to enjoy it (isn’t this true if most paranormal thrillers?), this is a quick and absorbing read that will give you chills right from the start.

★★★★★ I was hooked after the first chapter, and found myself getting goosebumps, as I read on. Burns’s writing is clear, vivid and natural. I really enjoyed the story and characters. I would highly recommend this book and author to anyone who is into thrillers and/or the supernatural.

★★★★★ I’m always on the lookout for new and promising authors and I am happy to have stumbled across Gabriel Burns. Well written, briliant build up and interesting characters. Absolute page turner and I’m looking forward to his next book!

★★★★★ Don’t start this book as bedtime reading. The suspense will keep you up all night! It did me. Sarah’s son is kidnapped by a being with supernatural powers who has horrific plans for this special child. Next thing you know, the police have turned on Sarah, so she’s on the run with her friend Jim trying to track down and save her boy Brandon before he becomes yet another victim of his kidnapper’s soul-shattering master plan. The deft plot twists of the a race against time and the unraveling of the kidnapper’s machinations keep the reader guessing. Nice character development and well-crafted writing make the adventure pleasurable, though scary!